I'm always coding up something, here's a recent highlight reel!

Adventures of Lolo

I love learning new programming languages, and one of my favorite ways to do so is to program little games! I decided to learn Python by revisiting a childhood favorite: Adventures of Lolo, the classic NES game.

I wrote my version of Lolo from scratch using Python 3 and Pyglet. In doing so I accidentally ended up writing a semi-flexible game engine as well. Redoing Lolo taught me a lot, including why developers are advised against writing their own game engines as their first large project in a new programming language. Oops. It was fun though! I am currently working on figuring out the pathfinding the original game uses (it doesn't appear to be A*, if you know then please hit me up)

I also dusted off my JS skills and reworked the Stardew Valley farm planner so it could make a map that could later be exported to either csv or json. In theory it could be repurposed to make many simple grid-based level planners but I stopped there.

Misc Websites and Projects

I've been making websites and small projects for ages, here's some recent things:

I threw together a quick website for my friend Chris, altering jQuery plugin Teletype to recreate the look of an old BBS terminal, then writing a quick Python script to convert his custom ANSI art to ASCII so it could be rendered correctly.

A quick game of snake! Desktop only, use WASD or arrows to move.

Is it too recursive to talk about this website on itself? I didn't do anything too wild except for my funny CSS-based pink slime in the corner, if I were to do it over again I think SVG would be more versatile.