On my way to fix your codebase.

Hi, I’m Alison! I made my first website in 1996 and have been working as a software engineer since getting my bachelors in CS at SUNY Stony Brook in 2006.

Java is my native programming tongue, but I’ve also got years of professional experience developing in PHP and JS. I’ve recently been teaching myself Python, which is a strong contender for my favorite language.

While I enjoy working on small projects, my favorite professional opportunities have come while working in small, interdisciplinary teams to solve bigger and more complex engineering problems. Luckily I’ve had lots of those opportunities, but I’m always on the hunt for another!

Talk to me! alison@alison.codes

What People Are Saying (from performance reviews)

"She is possibly the most positive person that I work with. She is always up for a challenge and willing to jump in and figure things out."

"She is a rockstar! When I send her a request or an issue, I never have to worry. I know it will get taken care of promptly."

"Alison was key in helping me ramp up quickly.. She always made time for a question..."

Extra Trivia

  • Before majoring in computer science I was a fine arts major
  • When the occasion is right, I’ve been known to whip up delicious 3D sculpted cakes, so far including a human head and a Star Wars Tauntaun.
  • I am a reptile enthusiast: I own a python and three geckos and I love them all, though the python is a little neurotic.
  • Other things I enjoy: hiking, sci-fi (currently reading Iain Banks), D&D, knitting, making jewelry, Olympic weightlifting, cooking, and keeping hydrated